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Top 5 best Instagramable location in Singapore

When someone talks about Singapore, the first you thing think about is expensive, but that is not totally true. Singapore is rich in culture and many interesting facts, it's one of the world's greenest cities, and it's consisting of 64 islands. Every time you visit Singapore you will always find a hidden gem that will impress you even more than the previous time you visited, but here is the top instagramable location for your 2021 visit!

1.Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a natural park, filled with tropical plants and animals that encourages the cultural diversity of Singapore. It's a 101 hectares (250 acres) park so getting lost is very common for anyone visiting the park but that is how you find all the wonderful wonders of Gardens by the Bay. You can literally spend the whole day walking around and finding the best picture ideas. From day time to night time, you will find amazing locations for your pictures, this place is truly breathtaking and I recommend everyone to come here. Finding the perfect spot will not be easy, it took us some time to find the two places for those pictures but I'm sure you will find somewhere even better.

2. Fort Canning Park

I wish I could describe to you how difficult it was to find this location at the park, it almost took us 2hours of walking around to finally find it. Plan to come here early, the morning sunshine is much more beautiful and also this place is less crowded. Even at 8 am there were 5-6 people waiting in line to take this picture and I can't even imagine during midday. Here's a little tip, this place is located to the east side of Fort Canning Park, just walk around and you will eventually find it! Enjoy.

3. Merlion Park

Merlion Park is Singapore's landmark location due to the mythical statue Merlion, there is a total of seven statues all over the city. This is a very popular tourist location because everyone wants a picture with the merlion and Marina Bay Sands, it might be difficult getting a nice picture around this place, I personally recommend coming earlier in the morning so you can be here in the less busy time of the day.

4. Old Hill Street Police Station

This place will surely surprise you, it's a historical building that was once the police station but eventually changes to a ministry of communication building. The color style of all the windows makes this a unique location for pictures. It's not an easy shot to take since the main street in front is always busy so my best advice will be patience. take your time and you will get this amazing picture.

5. Art Science Museum

This art-science museum is a must-visit even if you are not interested in museums, this one will definitely get your interest. You will have the option of 3 parts but all of them are as unique as the other ones. Take some time during your day and visit this museum and all its wonders that it will offer inside. Even some exciting different types of pictures that will look cool on your Instagram.

Singapore is full of wonders everytime you visit, please let me know all your unique locations that you find during your time in Singapore. I will definatly update my post and add more hidden location. Like this hidden grafiti wall in Little India

Little India


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