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The Surfing Paradise of the Philippines, Siargao Island!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

If you ever considered traveling to the Philippines don't forget to add a stop to Siargao, its laid-back vibe will make you fall in love with this island. As soon as you land in the small little airport you feel you've arrived in another country but this is only the beginning. Head to the main town of General Luna, and start getting settled because there are so many things you have to do during your stay in Siargao. I recommend settling in General Luna with many choices of hostels or up and coming hotels, Kermit Surf and Dive Ecocamp is my personal favorite. It is perfectly located with an excellent Italian restaurant to enjoy any day of the week and also a nice little bar where you can meet your fellow travelers.

The first thing you should do as soon as you arrive in town would be to rent a scooter. It is not necessary but much more convenient to travel around and visit all the locations you want to see during your time here.

I will also add all the items that you should bring with you during your trip at the end of this post.

Top places you must visit in Siargao!

1.Cloud9: One of the most popular spots on Siargao, where beginners to intermediate surfers are able to enjoy the waves and chill. This is only a couple of minutes away from the main town where you can go to the peer every morning and enjoy the most beautiful sunrise in the Philippines. While your there take some time and go to Skaka Cafe and treat yourself to their delicious smoothie bowls and coffee. If you are looking for surf lessons you can many different classes from private or group lessons around Cloud9 but don't forget to bring some water shoes because it can get pretty rocky in some places.

2.Maasin River Swing and Palm Tree Forest: On your scooter road trip around Siargao island one of the first spots you will get to will be here. After driving for a while you will eventually arrive at the Palm Tree forest, you can't miss it, the view from the top of the mountain of palm trees is impressive to see. It's a great spot to take pictures and take some drone shots but don't spend too much time here, head down the hill into the small little town of Maasin. The locals will charge you a small entree fee to enter the river area but it's well worth it, you can rent a small boat to cruise the river or just enjoy the river swing. Get there early because it can get pretty crowded and it's not the same vibe with lots of people here. When you're done here get back on your scooter and continue your journey up the east coast.

3.Pacifico: A small surf town up on the east coast with some hostels and hotels. It has a beautiful beach that you can enjoy and if you are into surfing, it's an ideal surfing spot for intermediate to advanced surfers. I would definitely recommend at least half a day here to relax and enjoy the nice little town. There are probably more places to visit if you continue on the coast but we stopped here so please let me know any spots that I should visit on my next visit to Siargao.

4.Sugba Lagoon: There are many different ways to get to Sugba Lagoon you can rent a boat from General Luna or rent a group tour with a van but I think the best way would be to drive your scooter all the way to Del Carmen and rent a boat straight at the marina. Try to go earlier in the morning because it's not as enjoyable when it gets too crowded. Beautiful lagoon with many things to do, you can rent kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling gear, and much more. The main attraction is the board jumping, everyone is waiting in line to take pictures on the board and or jump off.

5.Boat Tour: There are some boat tours available that could be an interesting way to explore the small little islands next to Siargao. The most popular one, you get to explore 3 small islands next to General Luna, which all have something unique and special to them.

Guyam Island: Usually the first stop of the tour, a very small island that you can walk around in 5 minutes but it has its charm. Its surrounded by a beach with a couple of water swings and decors but there is not much else to do. I heard that you can rent this island for a price for some events or parties.

Daku Island: The main island, which is where you will spend the majority of the time and have lunch on this island. It gets pretty crowded during lunchtime but finds a spot to enjoy the beach and relax for a while. There is plenty of beach restaurants and stores to buy some stuff. You will probably notice that the island is pretty big which there are some locals that are living here and work on the island everyday.

Naked Island: Last but not least, you arrive at the last stop of the tour which is the naked island. As the name says for itself self the island has nothing, it's just a piece of land full of sand. Enjoy the time here to take pictures and drone shots because it's a beautiful little island.

While staying in General Luna, there is plenty of things to do as well, during the day it gets pretty quiet since everyone is out surfing or exploring the island but during night time, it gets pretty lively. There are lots of restaurants bars on the main street that have a good atmosphere with live music. Just walk around and find your perfect spot to chill and drink some beers and cocktails.

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